Video Contest had begun!

You need to:

  1. Submit a link to YouTube or Google video that you like. YouTube can be found in a text box, something like URL . Google url just copy/paste from address bar in your browser.
  2. Write a comment related to the topic of that video. Comment must be understandable without seeing the video!
  3. Write your e-mail address for correspondence about the prize. E-mails will be deleted from the database after contest is over.


  1. To be eligible for a prize, comment needs to be rated at least 500 times after related video is viewed.
  2. Person who submits a video that makes the most significant effect on viewers will win the prize.
  3. Effect made on viewers by a video will be a statistical measure of a degree and (in)consistency of viewers' change in rating a comment after seeing a related video. The idea is that viewer first rates a comment, then sees a video related to that comment, and then rates the comment again. Hopefully, comment will be related to this video, so after seeing it, viewer will perceive that comment differently. YOUR COMMENT IS AS IMPORTANT AS VIDEO! 2 same videos with different comments or 2 same comments with different videos will have different ratings because comments are rated in relation to videos.
  4. The prize is $100. Nice money for 2 minutes of 'work', if you don't count reading this stuff. ;-) The prize will be paid with Cash, Paypal, or Money Order.
  5. Contest will end on 3rd of July 2007, at 17:00 hours Central Time Zone ~ USA & Canada.


Comment can be as simple as 'Sunrise', and related video may change the way people feel about 'Sunrise'. Best chances to win the prize will have, in my opinion, video with topic/content that is insightful, enlightening, obscure, controversial, etc. Think about what is the topic that many people either have not thought about, or have some opinion on it (that should be your comment), and yet, your video will 'open' their eyes (and they will change opinion about your comment).

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