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Hamsters make wonderful friends.

I've never had one. How do I know how delicious they are, if I never tried them? Or maybe I did! Cats may like hamsters, but hamsters do not like cats. It is a one-sided friendship, mostly based on how delicious hamsters are. Indeed they do. Cats love them! They make wonderful friends because they never complain and they are not picky eaters.Hamsters make wonderful friends. a "friend" is someone who can help you not only learn more about yourself through verbal and non-verbal feedback, but also is someone who through these methods encourages you to grow beyond your previous limitations... expands your awareness of the world outside of your own mind. this is important because without a response back from someone or something, you have only your own thoughts and responses to consider. who says hamsters can't communicate? everything alive communicates in some sort of way or another.i think the idea of a "good friend" would encompass more qualities... one namely being that they would have the ability to communicate with you. hamsters are quiet and not picky eaters, true, but do those qualities inherently imply that they would make a good friend for someone?what qualities make up a wonderful friend?

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