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Please do NOT submit your comments to this topic. This is a forum tutorial. To submit idea to a relevant topic, go to homepage and find some topic, or click on the 'start topic' link to start a new topic. I think everything can be unstood as a symmetry of somthing else so that we can invent a logical system to understand everything. Now you know how to use this forum. What is left is to explain two additional features:

1) Clicking on 'Show usernames' button will show usernames associated with ideas. Clicking on username will list relevant ideas submitted by that user.

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Clicking on one of those ideas will make it the last idea of your current story, and the whole discussion following it will be attached to the end of your story.[1] if i could get this to work to my advantage, i would be a very scared, happy individual Links to other web pages should be put in separate fields located just above the 'Password' field. Please do not quote sources in the text unless the topic is about source. This forum is about ideas, not about who said them.[2] Ok heres my idea. Seems to me that nafta was flawed from the beginning. Lets pass a law saying that if a firm foreign or domestic sells products in this country work say 5 milllion dollars then any thing over that amount 50 percent of it must be built here. Ok give me your feedback on this. uh. why is this so loong? Here is another random idea. I own nothing
and I owe nothing
I am not a slave.
State Persecution of BNP Continues: 12 Activists Detained in Liverpool for daring to Point out anti-White Racism

We now understand that the number of British National Party Activists arrested in Liverpool has increased to twelve. Police are still refusing to release any information or details to us

[3][4] If you want to submit an idea or a question to this topic, please do so at the end of tutorial. very good yes i think it is very good yes very Yes it is very good Yes Psychology is an important subjectThis is a test idea, and it should be removed at some point. Beside selecting among existing ideas, you can also submit a new idea.

To start a new paragraph enter 2 blank lines before the comment. Few more notes and this tutorial will end ...(click me)
I need stories on creativity from regular people in day to day lives! People who did not take the regular path and opted for something different! Something new! Something submit your stories to be featured in our book/video.[5]How creative can we be? IS it possible to manifest something out of nothing?[6]my house is full of many things. I spend lots of time maintaining them. in a way i'm a slave to them. sometimes I wish for a tornado to blow them away. yes, it has been temporarily removed due to testing of new interface. can't find the "show usernames" button. has it been removed?This is a brilliant forum.
why? If so Ron Paul will screw us.My brother, at a very young age, sexually molested me as well. he was 3 years older. Although it was not abusive I did not know any better. He was molested by an adult which is why he reenacted it with me. I also discovered masturbation at a very young age (around 5 or 6) and during my adolescence and teenage years I had the same habit of chronic masturbation. I'm now 21, happily married and have zero problems with it. And I have high respect for women. God, prayer, friends, and talking about it As you can see, the idea that you click on becomes a part of a story above. Other less interesting ideas that you did not click on simply disappear, and new relevant ideas appear. Click on me for more...
Welcome to testing zone!
Another non-interesting idea. Just ignore me. Pretty please... :) Logic is, itself, a system for understanding. So is belief. Symmetry exists in both as it is fundamental to defining anything, i.e., what is anything if not the opposite or analog of something else?Use a glass tube in a parabolic trough the unit self aligning with the sun and a glass rhat absorbs all light except UV to generate steam for poweradd a solar pumped laser (yes they exist) and use hazordus waste in the tube and It will be broken down as the steam generated produces power.

Sell both services ,and send me a bit I am living on ssi of less than 800 a month and it hurts

As I can see from this tutorial, in this forum I follow the line of reasoning that makes sense to me. Sometimes I am faced with choices. If I reach the end, I can always go back and expore alternative paths, or I can do the search for relevant comments from other topics. I can always create my own path by adding new comment, and someone with similar line of reasoning and yet alternative view will reply to it. It's cool that this forum keeps relevant ideas and discards other stuff. social evolution is evident in the book The Last Civilization This is very interesting. I am not sure I understand how to use it yet, but I will try to figure it out! Click on me to see what will happen.I often wonder why dreams exist. Sometimes it feels as though these dreams are telling me something that is hidden away deep inside my mind, and other times that they are lucid fantasies that will not come true no matter how hard I want them to.
By clicking on any idea above your current story will end with that idea, by clicking on any idea below your story will be expanded by that idea. Click on me for example. I was sexually abused by my older brother at a very young age (I am male) and I beleive he thinks I don't remember, however the things he did to me /made me do are some of the only memories I have of that time in my childhood (age 3-6). I started masturbating at the age of 5, and I have been doin it pretty well everyday for 10yrs (I'm 15). It is terrible and I think I'm addicted to it, an average day for me would be to masturbate 3times...though I am a normal kid -I play sports, am popular, ect I am writing a paper for my sociology class and am looking for people to help me gather information by answering the questions on my anonymous survey. Will you please help me?Hi I would like to know about psychology but I don't where I can start.
I am looking for real skill but I don't understand so I am completely lost.
Can we discuss about it ? I need Photoshop to create a poster for school, but I don't know how to use it. As in, I don't know anything except that it's graphic editing software. Help! This thing is due next Tuesday! Kenyenesian Economics is a recipe for disaster in the Global Economy framework

If I am able to accept the fact that "holy books" use metaphors to describe principles, I can be open to many different religions and philosophies... otherwise I tend to conclude that one is right and the others are wrong. The one I usually conclude is right is the one my culture and environment have "brain washed" me in. I am an old man who is reexamining his beliefs. I have always considered myself a christian, but I can no longer believe in the primitive description on god that I learned as a child. I simply can't believe that there is a supernatural being "in the sky" who is "running the universe"...but I do believe in the principles associated with Love and Compassion. We cannot describe god in words.. we must realize that any attempt to do so is metaphor, not an absolute truth. with regard to this version of islam, does it really exist?? such a religion eliminates atrocities that occur in the name of god. christians and muslims could unite for good purposes.. could we ever eliminate the animosities that produce wars and terrorism? such a religion could encompass all the positive aspects (such as the golden rule), and love and compassion for the less fortunate without the "atrocities that occur in the name of religion"

if it does it is the 1st step toward a religion without dogma, and without dogma there would be no extremists willing to kill in the name of "their god" In the tutorial someone mentions a version of islam that accepts all (other) religions and their prophets...does such a religion exist?? Do not click on me as I am a bad idea. test link test link test link test link[7][8] Can an 11, 22 and 33 exist in the same body?

If we bridge east and west, could this be called Multiple Personality Disorder?

This post is vague on purpose.. The ones who understand are the answers I'm looking for.

I look forward to the global economy where anything can be made anywhere and sold anywhere as long as it is of merchgantable quality. Protectionist policies are basically anti social and xenophobic. I have just set up an online business. I have a web site where people come and buy reports. The money goes into my bank account and my domain name/ web space are automatically renewed by direct debit. As I am part of the "Black Economy" I am not paying any taxes. There are millions of people doing this all over the world. At present they spend and the money circulates. What happens when we all start to die and the money is taken out of circulation? I was very worried regarding the prophet & religion which I believe!; Until I met a person in Jordan while my vacation who told me “be on the safe side!” and follow the religion which believe with all prophets & involve all the other religions; Therefore, still you can keep believing with your prophet “no thing to lose!”; That is the int’l last version religion “Islam”. I took with his advice, and now, I am very happy, living in peace of mind …… Boycott IBM's PBC(Personal Business Commitment) process by rating everybody as average contributor.1)It may be more accurate to say that our Representatives select us rather than to say we select them. Why would that be? Which do you think is really more correct, and why? How could this situation be changed?
2)How does one become an important member of the US House or Senate? What are the key criteria? How long does it take? Have there been any rules changes in the last twenty years that affect this? Is the current pattern a good one? Why/why not? What is the feasibility of being able to install a wireless component into all mp3 players as to track what songs are being played, and then being able to broudacast that information onto other mp3 players to show top played songs in areas updated hourly? NSW Electricity Privitisation is a public & economic government display of immorality of the highest order."Stay as is , stay secure". Cause it's incredibly sexy! Should people put billboards on their houses as a way to make money form advertising?

This is the end of tutorial. I hope you will find this forum enjoyable. This tutorial explains how to use this forum.

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