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"300" movie by Zack Snyder.

Sparta was a slave society and military dictatorship, so the idea that they fought for "freedom" is absurd. "300" is a macho fantasy, not history. And if that's where you BOYS think America should be headed, we're all in trouble. But since the Spartans "kicked ass," they must have been good. (Even when they defeated Athens, birthplace of democracy?) Also, the film's portrayal of the enemy as subhuman, decadent, or even mutant is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. War hurts real people.300? this is sparLAME I think that most Americans see themselves something like Spartans, fighters for freedom or whatever. What is it? A propaganda movie? I think Zack Snyder wanted to create an entertaining movie, pretty bloody, pretty exaggerated, without any relation to a true story.
No propaganda, no policy, no thoughts, just entertainment... Is it? So... Spartans are supposed to represent Americans? Brave, athletic, ethical soldiers of Sparta defending from technologically advanced conquering army somehow reminds you of cowardly U.S. bombing from distance and from the air of technologically inferior enemy?

Or maybe this was an anti-American and a pro Iraq/Afghanistan, and pro-liberation movie? It's just another one of Hollywood pro-war propaganda movies. Spartans were bisexual, not homosexual. They had wives and children. 300 is a gay parade which did not need police protection. 300 is a very entertaining movie - it is not based on true story, only inspired by it. I enjoyed it a lot, and have seen some scenes a number of times. Well I don't agree, I think if you look at the war in Afghanistan today you will see many examples of courage I liked the movie a lot, especially how Spartans were presented -- strong and proud -- almost like superhumans. I wish people were like that today too. Unfortunately, with the development of technology, and increase of distance between enemies in wars, courage got displaced with cowardice. "300" movie by Zack Snyder.

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