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Computers and internet changed our lives so much that now if we don't have access to e-mail for a day or two, we feel uncomfortable.

Computers are taking over the world. We must destroy them all, then begin eating our own feces to save the planet! yes i believe that computers and internet change our lives so much, but when we say that we feel uncomfortable when we don't access in a days is not true, because its up to the person who use it!!! the reality is that some person that using internet is also the person who interact using internet. if you think about it it doesnt have an extreem change because now its internet and computer but before it was the telephone before that there were letters,
before that talking even or drawing things. so in the end there werent that much things that changed much,
i mean there is an important letter for you and you are just staring at it for 2 days, i think you will also open it before that lol or else you also feel uncomfortable. these things will always change and also be the same. Or maybe they would not get unused to them. People do unhealthy things all the time, knowingly. They smoke. They drive fast, and without seat belts. They abuse liquor. It is not the knowledge that guides human actions, but something else. [1] Christ this is a boring website how about no? That is true. Since I use computer I don't have a life! I have only 'virtual life'. To remind my self of the real world, I have a landscape photo on my desktop, and star field as a screen saver. Very sad. That is true for many but not all. Also, if something happened and all computers disappeared, people would get used to it very soon. Then again, it would become the best industry as many people would look to hire engineers to make new computers very soon. Only if some serious incurable health conditions was discovered to be caused by electromagnetic ways being radiated from machines, would people have to get 'unused' to them. Computers and internet changed our lives so much that now if we don't have access to e-mail for a day or two, we feel uncomfortable.

Maybe I cannot compare 'real life' communication with that expressed in books. Contemporary books also have nice conversations within them, so if I want to compare how things changed in last hundred years, I should compare books from past and present, not the street talk from present with books from past.

Although communication is easier today than it was hundred of years ago, I think it is more superficial than it used to be. I didn't live hundred of years ago, but that is an impression I get from some books that I read. Also, today, so much communication is of the chat type - hi.. wha't up... what's new... me too.... c u... etc.. Absolutely, because now we have a faster, easier way of communication. We enter into these things voluntarily; the person who creates and establishes an email account does so knowing that they will get mail. For better or for worse, computers and the internet are now part of our lives, and I don't think they're going away any time soon.

P.S. If you really hate computers that much, don't use them! Give it to me, in fact. I could use a new one.

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