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I am looking for some good idea. Do you know any?

I think we should all eat poop. it will save our resources.Ok heres my idea. Seems to me that nafta was flawed from the beginning. Lets pass a law saying that if a firm foreign or domestic sells products in this country work say 5 milllion dollars then any thing over that amount 50 percent of it must be built here. Ok give me your feedback on this. than again, i came online, so i should kill myself! Have you seen the 2006 film called The Secret? (about ideas/about thought) you started it....Always live in the moment! I have a good one. Don't look for ideas here. Instead, go read works of civilizations great geniuses. You will learn a lot. Don't read interpretations, read original sources. * Micro-Socialism: taxation by social circles and standard amounts
* The Volit called the Second Zero, a concept of repetition in mathematics
* "Amelioriation" or dimensional translation: using exclusive categories to iterate and recursify meaningful data results, e.g. via coherency: example, history is 1-d, complexity and pefection are 2-d, coherency, opposition, and conjunction are 3-d. My truck is 22 years old, and isn't worth much at all, should it not be nearing antiquity yet? How about ideas to get the WORLD on a good track where we REALLY try to LIVE ALIVE TOGETHER. I call it Environomics Because if we don't drop Economics with its ever increasing GDP pursuits, we're going to BURN the ENVIRONMENT. You talk about Efficiency through Economics. I say TURE EFFICIENCY is through ENVIRONOMICS. We are part of the ENVIRONMENT.
So here are some ideas for an EFFICIENT world that you can cash in on:
1/ a WiFi transmission that goes 35 miles and twenty (20) feet underground that will supply a minimum of T1 Up and Down-Load speed at 19.95/Month/house.
Thats one idea about to come to fruition[1]WOW! Got them all, sorted by color, type, size and weight. What do you have in mind, more specifically? The most powerful item in the World. Use it well and you may conquer the world. I am not going to tell you! If I tell you, you may bring it to the reality before me. Then I will have an idea, and you will have the product of idea. Not so good for me! Hmm. Once I collect them, what shell I do with them? Idea is to collect ideas!I am looking for some good idea. Do you know any? There is not one thing that can conquer the world without forcing it into destruction first. Respect everyone except Steve Jobs Perhaps the idea should be Nihilism then. The reason you see things as normal is because you are used to it, and the reason you see things as weird is because you haven't seen them before. So practically, everything is just either normal or completely abnormal. It depends on the filters you are wearing on your eyes. In my opinion, to get a new idea, you should simply let your mind flow, like it would in your dream. Being conscious, we often tend to restrict the flow of our mind to what is expected by the society and accepted by people.

Not too many, that's why I'm here. Why don't you share some? It does not need to be GREAT. Good is good enough! It it a brain? There are millions of good ideas all over the world, but not all of them are known everywhere. Collect the best ones and make the rest of the world aware of those - that is a good thing to do. Killing yourself might be a good idea. Yes I know lots of good ideas but it would take me months to list them all. I have an overabundance of GREAT ideas. And you?. Many really old things are worth fortune. old computers are worth a fortune Lets find out how we think up ideas to make and idea of and idea

That makes so much sense! Yet, when I look around me at this moment, and try to find something 'normal' that may actually have some oddity in it, it is so hard because everything just looks so normal! Still, at other times, so many things just seem so weird, and don't make much sense to me. I should either write down those 'objections' when I have them, or try harder now in finding new objections to my environment. Well, you could try generating your own. Just look for something that everyone accepts as "normal", than try to explain to yourself WHY it makes sense to do things that way. Usually you'll find something weird. If not from that direct question, then from offshoots. I think I'll live with them, because dying would mean loosing them.Listen to anyone but Mac users And why is that? I got it! Anarchism! Anarchism is a good idea! No. Anarchism is a great idea! Anarchism is the single best idea ever!Use anything but Windows. this was a waste of time good answer. I want to know if My idea is one that anyone likes or agrees with? give the indiugous people the wholesale stamp for canabasice and the retail stamp to any black person that thinks their grandparents were slaves. I have a lot of good ideas.... I only want to know one thing.
A am becomming a local celebrity... I had my first 'groupie' experience tonight. I did not sleep with her... It must have taken every nerve in my body not to. How do celebrity couples exiest? i'm single and i struggled with the idea of 'not' mating with someone who blatanly belived in my ideals... how does a professional cope? it will be a long road, I'm sure... but it is the road I am destined for... This life is crazy....
Stop wasting time on internet as I am wasting it for both of us!

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