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The twised views of sexuality in te U.S.

That is the ideal healthy version of sexuality- to find the healthiest mate, but humans are very unnatural and more complex now (unlike the ape) so it doesnt work like that anymore. Every country has twised view esxuality, because this is the nature of human being not nesissarily. some people are atracted to wierd things, like cars and dogs. Hmm, topic implies that U.S. is somehow special compared to other countries. I wouldn't give US so much importance. There are 'twisted' views of sexuality everywhere. Other countries are much older than U.S. and had much more time to develop these ... alternative views. The twised views of sexuality in te U.S. Haha. Holland. Borders Germany with legal switchboards. Holland has clean air and flowers. And herb. And yes hookers too. But it's amazing how nice and friendly the townsfolk are. US has a greater influence of western culture across the globe. Other countries are older but most of the other culture view sex as something private between two people. But here in US we freely talk about sex, do public nudity and the first thing we talk is sex! I think that 'sexy' is more than indication of health. It also represents skillfulness in flirtations, and that can be learned. :) well, sexuality is greatly misunderstood in the U.S., while most American women view U.S. men as stupid horny apes, people like myself (male, US., open-minded), see sexuality as a human instinct. we cant help it, when we say "sexy", our mind is saying "healthy, and able to give birth to a healthy child and nurture it as well."Holland... they're very open. Legalised prostitution... they're very open about most things. they're awesome. Maybe it is Japan? They are quite weird when it comes to sex. ... and other things.

Which country is the most 'alternative' in regards to sex?

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