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Why is anonymity better than identity in communications?

but can i always say what i mean if i know the person will know who i am? why do i place stars * at end of some comments? to avoid anonymity?

;-) * I don't think it is... personally, I'd prefer the convenience of privacy whilst knowing who i was talking to... then again, sometimes, when edgy subjects or topics are on hand, then anonymity may be grand.... as usual... pros and cons for everything... people always for and against everything... comes down to preference, that is all... *Why is anonymity better than identity in communications?I think it depends on the situation. Sometimes certain topics are too personal, but the conversation requires an honest response. Therefore, many people will prefer anonymity to prevent judgement. I have to agree, that personally, I prefer the convenience of privacy whilst knowing who I am talking to, but if I'm talking to someone who prefers the same thing, then we'll reach an impasse. Just it's just better to have identity whilst communicating, and have a respectful environment. Anonymity is better for honest discussion, but that's not what most people are after online. then why are you on an anonymous forum? anonymity has it's place but people also need to know whom they are talking with in most cases. Well, I would change the comparison to anonymity and transparency because I think one could be anonymous yet still have an identity. For example, the content of a message can give character. Or, you could infer that a series of anonymous replies are from the same person. The difference is, there's no prejudice against that person based on who they are. Anonymity allows suppressed people to speak up without ridicule or derision. And if you're worried that your message will be misunderstood or misconstrued on the basis of who you, the sender, is, then anonymity might be the way forward. Although I will contest that accountability is the cornerstone of any society aspiring towards democratic values, and as such anonymity in communication is dangerous to society. But hey, this is an anonymous forum, so I can say what I like;-) Anonymity augments focus to the content of a message, rather than the messenger.Because of "Prejudice". Self-righteous ego is lost. Words will be interpreted at face value[1] We should not neglect communicators, but in communication the focus should be on the message - the message is the point of communication. If the point being made in the message is communicator, (s)he would state that in the message, and therefore that message should still be the focus of communication. Communication is important, but so is communicator. Why should we try to neglect communicators? With anonymity you can focus on the communication. With identity the communication can be lost because the focus become the communicator and not the message. This is why God remains anonymous. Many entities don't like their dark secrets being exposed, and often retaliate to people who do expose them. This is why people often won't say publicly what they would say anonymously. but what if the other person is not as confident? we may not hear what that person really thinks. it may not be completely honest conversation. if we were anonymous however, there would be no reason to be dishonest? No harsh judgement or criticism. Anonymity allows you to post whatever you think without worrying about being PC. Also, you can share ideas without worrying about judgment. People focus on ideas no matter who they come from. sure i can, if i am self confident, and if i cannot be shaken easily by what other people think and how they react. sometimes though, i need to be careful about how i say things, so that i don't hurt the other person who may not be as confident as i am.

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