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About 2 percent of US children are home-schooled. Will this number go up or down?

Your interpretation is correct. I was just There're many ways to education, and it isn't always clear which pedagogical style is best for the kid. It could be that public schooling is the best. Maybe private schooling. Maybe home-schooling. Or, for kids with unbound creativity and a thirst for knowledge, autodidacticism is perhaps the best.

The problems with terms like home-schooling is that it explains an environment, rather than a technique of teaching. In blunt terms.

Hmm. But home-schooled does not mean that kids teach themselves, but that they are thought by their parents. No autodidacticism is involved... or maybe i misunderstood the meaning of that word?I prize autodidacticism as a virtue. They may be centered around test scores as a way to quantify it and measure changes (hopefully progress), but that does not mean that curriculum is not much broader and comprehensive. Also, how exactly do I think education should look like? It will go up as K-12 education is going down. Current 'education' and 'no child left behind' are overly centered around standardized test scores that are so limited in scope measuring only few skills that have almost nothing to do with real education - at least with what I perceive education should look like. Before answering that question, maybe I should first examine whether home-schooling is better or worse than classical schooling. Or since this may not be so clear cut question as there are probably benefits to both, I would like to think about what those benefits are, and once I find out, I may be more able to answer the initial question, as to whether home-schooling will increase or decrease in the future. Also, I should examine the reasons why some parents home school their children.About 2 percent of US children are home-schooled. Will this number go up or down?

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