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Questions and suggestions about forum and posting rules.

Tor doesn't work at all. Please make it work completely or at least make one able to browse with it.[1] This arbitrary limit is set so that people would have enough space to express only one or two ideas in a comment. By doing this, another person can simply reply to the point made in that comment, without a need to quote a specific part of a long comment. Why a comment cannot be longer than 500 characters?

It is an incentive to write a comment that is informative. Saying just 'cool', 'I agree', or similar, does not mean much. How would you sell ideas? Would you ask people to subscribe before reading them, or would you protect ideas with some kind of ownership license, and then sell that license to interested parties? This is my first try at this so I will choose a short idea, and then try to find it. How about, my idea of setting up a website to sell ideas? Remember this is just a test idea, and somewhat lighthearted. I suppose technically you could do it, but to what success? I think,,limited. What do you think. now I will see if I can find where this may be posted(newbie ). Why a post has to have more than a word or two? Questions and suggestions about forum and posting rules. 'Read' mode is for impatient visitors who want to read the current common part without having to click many times.

'Explore' mode is for people who want to be surprised. They will probably select comments they agree with, until they discover one that changes their mind. This path *may* be the same as the one from the 'read' mode, but it is much more likely that it will be shorter. Why are there two ways to read topics: 'explore' and 'read'.

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