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Researchers may have developed a malaria-resistant mosquito.

CRISPR is a technology that is not thoroughly tested. While there exists some unfounded fear over this technology, I don't think it's bad to be careful of this technology. It can have a very high impact, positive or negative. Jesus been reading too many apocalyptic books/liberal propaganda? This is not going to happen. I assume it was developed in America, as despite the recent turmoil in the economy is still by far the most technologically advanced country. Because America is about half people of color other than white, this would be a bit like shooting yourself in the foot. Relax, not gonna happen.

There will always be this dilemma - each new technology, tool, knowledge, can be used for both good and bad. That doesn't mean that people should stop inventing things, all it means is that the use should be controlled on a social level, by the society itself.
Humans indeed are often acting arrogantly, assuming they know everything there is to know about something. We are often playing god and assuming the control over nature, even though nature is so complex and always has surprises for us. Malaria infects over 300 million people a year and almost 3 million a year, mostly children, die from it. This is a magnificent thing, and a great achievement of science. I just sincerely hope that this research will not be used for biological warfare, for example, modifying mosquitoes to bite people of certain color, or inhabitants of certain climates. Insects adapt their genome at a very fast rate, and these experiments are in my opinion very dangerous form of 'playing with a fire'. [1][2]Researchers may have developed a malaria-resistant mosquito.

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