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Being the product of nature itself, to what extent are products of human race natural/unnatural.

Like with 'pure' nature which has its disasters, human products can also be disasters, as can some humans themselves.

I think the distinction between natural and unnatural are just whether something was caused by humans or something else. While this distinction can be useful sometimes, I find it a bit silly to pretend like humans are special. Yet, people will think of non-genetically modified agricultural products as being natural, even though they've been artificially selected by humans for hundreds of years or more. The same goes for dogs and cows. something is natural if created by god to be so. humans can be natural or not depending on whether they are tuned into god's plan for humankind. animals are always natural they do it by instinct. humans have choice though and can choose to be natural or not. for example god made humans naturally straight but some choose to defy nature and be gay. it is always best to be natural. — jesus christ Very interesting question. Are beaver dams unnatural or natural. I believe this is a question of definitions. Define the word natural and you have your answer. Today, people use the term natural for not created by humans. This is a philosophical question. It is posted in the wrong category! Well, based on these examples, I could define this distinction in recyclable terms. But then again, do I really know what does it mean recyclable. I know it has something to do with bacteria in earth being able to disintegrate a product in question. First example that comes to my mind is plastic. Since nature cannot recycle it, and since it is made by humans, it is considered unnatural. In the same time, many things made by man can be considered natural, like primitive homes made of wood. Many species including insects, birds, and mammals, also make homes of some kind, and those are, justifiably, considered natural. Where does one draw distinction, if it really exists, between 'natural' and 'unnatural' things.Being the product of nature itself, to what extent are products of human race natural/unnatural.

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