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Why is the Earth round?

I think that the earth is a halo. It must be as i am god. YEAh The earth is spherical because that is most stable shape in the presence of gravity. It is shaped like an oblate spheroid because it rotates. More exact question is why is the Earth shaped like a sphere? [1] I never really walked the whole Earth. Maybe if I do this, I will see the opposite side of it somewhere if I keep looking up! But when I'm drunk, I cant remember where I am, even less if I ended up at the same place where I started walking! Maybe I was just sleeping. No wonder why I would end up at the same place then ;) maybe I was drunk, hik, and I was walking circles instead of lines! But if I walk along Moebius strip and always look up, I will see opposite side of it at some times. This never happens with Earth. Maybe it has a shape of a Moebius strip. If I walk straight on this strip, I will also come to the starting place.[2] If I always walk straight, I'll come back to the same place. Well, it also looks round if I look at it from a very tall building like Hancock building in Chicago. This roundedness is not an artifact of a window, but is a real phenomena. Maybe plane windows are curved, and that may be the reason why things I see thru it appear round. When I fly with a plane, and when I look thru the window, the Earth looks round. It wanted to be like the Sun :O)It isn't round.The earth is not round in the literal sense. It is flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator.
[3] Earth is round due to gravity. Moon is round due to gravity. The earth is not perfectly round since Mt. Everest is higher than Death Valley. The earth is not round like a ping pong ball.i think you are wrong on this one budWhy is the Sun round? It would have to be wouldn't it, winding back to the previously stated location? Hmm :d in christian religion because god made it this way.
in science this will keep the planet in balance with the sun and all other planets, there is a very very long theory about it, i recommend you to search it trough the internet also about the moon and stuff.
there are also more theories about it, also like thats even hollow with another world in it that has an sun also that the core of the earth.
but also an theories that i think is also explaned hopefully then here on this topic. The cornea may be hyperbolic, but the retina is parabolic. So there's no final distortion. Although the biconvex structure of the crystalline lens turns the image upside down, the brain turns it right side up. If you were to stay upside down for an extended period of time, your brain would switch it again. Actually, it's slightly egg shaped. The earth is basically spherical because gravity works in all space-time dimensions for any particulate. It's slight egg shape can be attributed to the centrifugal force. Straight means I don't turn left or right. I simply go forward. There may be hills and valleys on the way, so I will go up and down, but only in the forward direction. I agree - and this becomes evident (on astronomical scales) when we see asteroids - they are rough, and the gravitation is not strong enough to keep them round due to their small mass (relative to planets, etc). Another related fact is that you will not see straight lines occur too often in nature (in terms of landscapes). This only happens on smaller scales, such as crystal structures and such.

Long live knowledge! lol

That is an interesting fact. Gravity maximizes volume while minimizing surface. Life in a way acts differently. Surface on plants and animals seems to be far from minimized. On contrary, there seem to be all these finely grained details on living organisms, that make our bodies and organs so rich and diverse in shapes and surfaces. Also, the surface of the earth is far from smooth. On the large scale, it is round, but when looked at closely, it is everything but round -- more fractal like. The answer that says it is very close to being an oblate spheroid is correct. A perfect sphere would have to be absolutely static so as to not allow ANY variations of surface altitude. Closest to this are neutron stars, but all astronomical objects of good size (where gravity dominates all other forces) will tend to be round in order to maximize volume all while minimizing surface area. Circles and all their analogs are the only shapes which allow this. Because our eyes are round. If our eyes were blocks the Earth would be a cube. I tend to disagree. They like playing tennis. Gods like to play football![4]Cercle is a symbolism, the radius of a cercle is equal everywhere. Which means that we are all equal since we are all attracted to the same center of the earth. How do I know it is round?
Is there a God?
God created it like that.

that's a nice observation. so, since gravity attract towards center, with constant force, it forms a sphere. No, wait! Where was the center before it become a sphere? Also, is gravity uniform, or does it decrease with a distance?because gravity is uniform & constant?Why is the Earth round? What do you mean by 'straight'? What is straight? My teacher told me. Actually, Earth's shape is very close to an oblate spheroid.[5] But wouldn't the end of the tunnel be also the other end of the Earth? Gravity is a central force, meaning it is equal in every direction, and any distortion from the spherical shape is being "pulled back" by the gravity. Not quite, I would see they sky at the and of the 'tunnel' (well). If you look down through some deep well, you may also see the opposite side of it. Brake one window and you will find out. Maybe windows on Hancock are also curved?

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