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Who is he? Why does he exist?

Black star no corners We make decisions and base our thinking from things we know or think we know. We form relationships with others to find out who we are. By looking at my interactions and relationships with people I can judge my own character. We are all made, for the most part, the same however the experiences we go through make us all completely different In this reality we see only that which we know. In this sense. Your Universe is a reflection of your knowing. Everyone is made unique and therefore the same. Does my illusion exist ??? I love the smell of freshly baked bread. Is that real ??? We are the collective of a global consciousness.[1] I think this is in reference to Jake Kane. I am him. I exist because I exist. Who is what. Be specific, retard. Maybe it is her. Who is she? because god made him DeadDante he's everywhere no matter where i go on the internet he is there not only that I travel to different states everyday and I see his nick on sides of buildings and billboards on the streets and signs in almost everything state but its the same hand writing WHO IS HE!Who is he? Why does he exist?

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