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I am a philosopher.

The meaning of life is to explore with whatever senses we have regardless of what life form we are. When we find something new our DNA records it and adapts future replications to cope with the new reality. Philosophy is a trait our DNA as created to allow us not only to experience reality but to question it. It’s just a different kind of stick with which our DNA poke’s reality; therefore you are not a philosopher you are merely a stick our DNA is using reach the light switch. Every single one of your choices is a philosophy of one thing or another... If you are not a philosopher, then you are its subjected outcome. Are you Stage 2 or Random 1?

Philosophy comes from the Greek roots 'philo-' and '-sophy' meaning "love (philo-) of wisdom (-sophy)". Just because everyone thinks doesn't mean they necessarily are thinking "wisely" or loving it. almost everyone are philosophers because we all think :P .A common misconception is that questions are followed by answers. Actually it is answers that are followed by questions. Although everyone philosophizes once in a while, philosophers do it more often, like almost always.

All people run once in a while, but they are not runners.

Most people write something once in a while but that does not make them writers.

Although the actual meaning has been distorted, I still think all are philosophers, because do we not love to attain the knowledge of that which we are thinking of? I enjoy finding out the meanings of different things, and simply theorizing on different ideas, in fact that is why I originally came here. To discuss thoughts and ideas, everyone philosphizes once in a while.But I wish I wasn't. Ignorance is bless.

Or maybe I am already ignorant and blessed?

Uh, I'm confused now. Maybe just asking a question makes one non-ignorant.

Damn questions.


Or maybe he's just inquisitive, a person who has question and seeks answers through his own logic of understanding. Do we live in the same Earth? Clearly you can't be so blind to think that everyone is on the same level, mentally. Not being elitist, it's just a statistical fact. The american empire, or U.S. will fall as any other "leading" nation in the past and simply be a footnote in a chinese-worlds history book. Prepare yourself when china releases its $2.2 trillion in U.S. dollars as the value of the dollar decreases, and the english language dissapears... im 12, and i know this, thats why i speak chinese[1]No. The architect lies in the chemical process of your current environment. Yet we are all the same . I am The Philosopher.Philosophers are dumb. It is stupid to think that you're defined by your ability to comprehend philosophy.
Philosophy is not difficult to understand to anyone who is capable of real thought. Declaring yourself a philosopher is as stupid as declaring yourself a breather.
Anyone who can be so dumb as to think they're different because they understand philosophy is clearly mentally deficient. Does it matter if I am a philosopher with or without an intention to be one? Greek word 'philosophia' literally means "love of wisdom". I am a philosopher both because I love wisdom and because my intention is to become wiser.

I think it is neither. My intentions are different because my spirit is more pragmatic, and philosophers are not known as being very pragmatic. Although word 'philosopher' may be a good description of me at certain times when I am in a meditative / thinking mood, I think that everyone has philosophical moments. That does not make us 'professional' philosophers. Then again, not all 'professional' philosophers are really philosophical in everyday life. Are you a philosopher because it is your intention, or are you a philosopher because you found that it's a word that best describes you? Ingorance in my opinion isn't true bliss, it is instead a falsified form of security. I myself am both a philosopher and ignorant. As I accumulate knowledge I aspire towards a kind of enlightenment combating my own natural state of ignorance.. but I find often that is not what makes me happy. I agree... "Damn questions." ;) I like to explore new ideas. What do you like to do? Enlightenment is accepting the world, hwoly, totally completely and in accepting it questioning every part of it, every being, every institution, every person, every monetary system, every idea, every conception about the left/right paradigm, every event in history, every action, every feeling, every relationship, every thought. This is supreme being, this is love. You cannot "Attain" enlightenment, we are enligtened every one of us as is, for all time. Enlightenment is based solely in the validity of opinion, and the strength of the logical foundation of these opinions. Everyone is a philosopher. What is enlightenment? Is being a philosopher a prerequisite for enlightenment? Then you have taken the first step to enlightenment. Than you must be a child! Most children ask their parents very insightful and fundamental questions to which parents do not know answers. Instead finding the answer, they either get confused, or simply dismiss question by saying 'do not be silly' or something like that. different we are all ! This is no so good !C U there ! How man I can add ? Is this an Error ? This is out of screem ! I on the other hand am not a philosopher, nor do I wish to be one. we are all different !You are the architect of your own life How do you know that you'r a philosopher?the difficult task of fully appreciating your place in this universe. I am a self proclaimed genuis But who are you?Ok, you win. A philosopher doesn't know the answers. (S)he knows only questions. Are you? Tell us, what is the meaning of life? Me too, me too! I am a philosopher.

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