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There are more and more people who get children after 30 years of their lives. Is that degrading human race, because children are born of older parents.

Not necessarily. Children who are born to parents above 30 benefit from the stability of persons who are typcially more mentally prepared (in terms of life experience) for the responsiblities of child rearing. I would even argue that the trend of waiting untill after yor 30's to have children is beneficial to the human race, since it entails that (certain) people are deciding to explore and experiment with aspects of thier lives in order to achieve personal maturity before raising a family. I don't know if it goes bad with age neccesarily but it can change throughout one's lifetime.Yes, it is far superior to have 15-18 year old girls pumping out babies to be fodder for the taxpayers.

Ooooo, so that is why passing older DNA to children is not good, because in a way damaged genes are being passed! DNA does not age in intuitive sense, but it gets damaged! All those may be related more to society, culture and nutrition than to inheritance. But considering that women are most fertile in their teenage years, nature and biology are saying that they are supposed to have children in that age. What about men? In what age are they most fertile?

Maybe, and in some ways kids do seem healthier today then before, if you look at body weight (excluding obesity), height. Also, there are so many creative individuals becoming successful in young age, but that is partially consequence of globalization and increase in population which results in more creative individuals. On the other hand, there are many drug related, depression, apathy and other psychological problems increasing in modern generations that were not so common before.

Why is being older degrading? People get wiser (hopefully), more experienced, etc. Maybe some of those characteristics are in a way being passed to children. That might be change of life standard but mother nature don't care about it. Humans are get older and nothing can stop that, nor fun nor education. In human cells, both normal metabolic activities and environmental factors such as UV light can cause DNA damage. In younger organisms there are DNA repair mechanisms but in older there are damaged repair mechanisms, then older people has damaged DNA, and that is reason why human race is degrading. [1]

People are having children later because of: changes in culture as people used to get married by the will of their parents without being able to choose their partners, and that changed; women become more educated, and have opportunity to work almost any job, while in the past, man was the one who would bring food to the table and women would take care of kids; there are many more choices in life than before, and people like to 'live' and have fun before they make families. Is that degrading?

But if DNA doesn't age and yet it determines structure and making of an organism, how does that organism age?

Hmm, this imply that DNA can age, and that for some reason, older DNA is not as good as young DNA. I know that people age, as well as cells, but I thought that DNA is the same in all cells of one organisms, and that it does not change through the life.I think that number of high educated people is not so big , so I think that people who could get children before 30 is huge but situation is not like that. It is true, because older people gives older DNA to their children. That is happening because it is taking longer and longer time for schooling and preparing young people for 'real' life, as industrial, technological, and informational age have brought immense amount of knowledge, part of which has to be absorbed by students. As consequence, longer time spent in school means longer time until person achieves material stability and is able to raise children. There are more and more people who get children after 30 years of their lives. Is that degrading human race, because children are born of older parents.

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