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All occurs according to number.

Tammet Daniel can understand it![1] If we ask Pythagoras, whole and rational numbers. However, there are also transcendental and irrational ones... I guess all of them. Including infinities and beyond!

Zero? Hmm. That's tough one...All may occur according to number, but who can understand it? But what number?Physical reality is not a mathematical structure. Mathematics is a description of physical reality. It is incomplete, in that regard. Meaning there are things that cannot be mathematically described. Mathematics, being an artificial representation of reality, can create artificial structures unknown in the real world. This state of affairs indicates there is no one to one correspondence between mathematics and reality. fj;21 wxe4moerhjg;l;

what number did this line above occur according to?Numerology is Symbolism.

Symbolism justifies ignorance and superficiality.

Everything is just an idea, just like the words you read before you.[2]
All is water.

It seems easier to establish the prime order among numbers, than among forms. 1, 2, 3, etc. or dot, line, plane? circle? sphere? cube?

If I have a cubical form, does it determine the number of dimensions 3, sides 6, corners 8, and edges 12? Or does the number of dimensions of the space-time form define all other properties of a regular form like cube? All occurs according to GEOMETRY - the prime order. Number is dimensionless; From geometry arise number, dimension, form. Thought is form, not number. Conciousness is dynamic form.[3] Pi is not an infinite number - it is irrational number (has infinite number of decimals).

Not all great numbers have names, some are yet to be discovered. The greatest numbers have a name and are infinite. Like pi.
We're born with the ability to see the world numerically just as we're born to see the world in colour.
Is physical reality a mathematical structure? Do all structures that exist mathematically also exist physically?
wouldnt an exception disprove the rule? then what do you call chaos or the value of pi?im not sure if this is asking if all ocours becouse of number or if all that ocours can be represented by number, or can be reduced to a simpler form via number, ect...
because only the later makes sense A little off topic, but theoreticly if you typed in 1s and 0s into a computer radomly (binary code) and did whatever you had to do to translate it into a program your computer could read, and if you're lucky, you can create an image that looks just like you! (theoreticly)All occurs according to number. Except in my room!If you and I cannot understand it, and that of course we connot, because our awareness is tied to our present location. Then how good does it hold that "all occurs according to number." is more correct to say that order exists everywhere in the universe. Mathematics is the language of Nature. That's two! Like any other claim, this one needs a proof too. Until I see a proof or some explanation, I can say following.

So many things that I experienced today I cannot even start imagining how to reduce to numbers. I understand desire for understanding the world we live in, but not the desire to reduce that understanding to numbers. It's as if we describe world as 1, 2, and 3, we'll have ultimate understanding, but if an explanation includes other things, this understanding will not be satisfying. Maybe my room is not a part of the universe? How could it be? Or maybe an exception confirms the rule! All occurs according to fate.

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