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What can be the role of computer based and internet based learning? What are pros, what are cons?

Sometimes, the internet is not so effective in teaching as when a person learns something hands-on. Computers can generate simulations, yes, but not always very accurately. Simulations also take time and money to produce, so learning can be less costly and more effective if done hands-on with real toys.pros- vast database
cons- misinformations for the pros, we can get lots of sources of materials where it might not be available in the books. different websites can complement one another's posts and create a more complete setting, for the con, different websites also sometimes gives different informations that creates ambiguity of 'which one is right?' which makes us eventually return to books. and not everyone in the world can afford internet, mostly because there's no electricity yet or not in the reached area yet. Not everyone can afford it. When our internet was cut off for a few months it was so frustrating to see how many things such as education depend on the internet. Applications are dependent on the internet, you can check your mail online-not good if you don't have the internet. Not to mention how fragile computers can be. I don't know how many we've had or i've broken in my life. Either way it can be costly. The computer plays many roles in education. Perhaps the worse is the "test administrator", where the computer is simply an interface for quizzing. However, the computer can also be used as an interactive critical object.What can be the role of computer based and internet based learning? What are pros, what are cons? Disadvantage is that like any other technology used in isolated environment (outside of classroom), internet and computer take away a few dimensions of interaction present in typical educational environments. However, these things are being compensated with invention of network based learning environments where children from all over the world can interact. Also, since a great teacher is not a common thing, lectures by such individuals are now available to all. [1][2]

Internet is an amazingly powerful tool. It can connect teachers with students. It can bring all kinds of information to you, as well as help relate pieces of information to each other, there is lot of multimedia content. There is both good and bad content out there, but the beauty is that the good, and often the best content is emerging on the top, so everyone with access to internet has access to the best resources. One of the greatest beneffit of Internet is that Internet has become the biggest knowledge database. Almost everything can be found. There also can be found great forums where people had some problems and they shared their experince, or they can answer to your question. Internet helped me a lot. Perhaps more than 80% of my knowledge related to my job (IT) I got on Internet.

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