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Inventions and Intellectual Property

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Greatest invention of all time.

language or communication skills Bed. It enables sleeping well, fucking, resting, thinking. Thinking was a precondition for all inventions and it was enabled with occurence of leisure and free time. Without bed people would not rest efficiently, and they wouldn't have free time for thinking. At least two types of major impacts can be considered:

a) an invention that leads to a personal growth and a greater harmony and peace within and among humans.

b) an invention that leads to a greater control over nature and pushes the limits which nature imposes on us - i.e. fighting diseases and natural catastrophes, traveling and inhabited places which were not meant for us.

They prolong and improve lives of individuals, humans, earthlings; within human, earth, and cosmic time frames. I think that it is an impact an invention has on the humankind in the longer historical perspective. Maybe it drives to a qualitative change in the life of humans, or maybe it is a stepping stone that leads to such new inventions. What constitutes a great invention? Its originality, usability, life-changing effect, or something else? Greatest invention of all time.
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