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If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.

seriously tell me about it its the worst... In ALL HoNeStY, i cant remember where i keft my keys... Ofcourse you can tell the truth - in that case you should say: "I can't remember what was the model of the car" Sometimes I cannot tell the truth because I don't remember things. Like what was the model of the car that went through red light last night. Let us explore an example, a historical example. King John Doe from Neverland, according to one history book, has killed his sister Jane Doe. According to another history book, however, his sister committed suicide in front of her brother - as was told by the king (only two of them - brother and sister, were in the room at the time). Besides these two books there is no other account of the event, and no evidence preserved. There is only one truth - murder or suicide - but it is unknowable! Your logic is flawed. For starters all truth is not unknowable... empirical truth is certainly not unknowable and there are many common and accepted intangible truths that are knowable, even truth that is unknowable is still truth and is therefore reliable and is unbending and active inspite of our ignorance. Infact the mind does contain a perfect chronological timetable of all the events however we do not all have the ability to access it, Your reply is disapointing because it is foolish.[1] The truth is unknowable and therefore untellable. The only thing that one person can tell is their perception of the truth. perceptions change, as do memories. unfortunately the human mind does not contain a chronological timetable of all of the events that have happened within a lifespan. Sorry to disappoint. Sure I do. How can I tell someone how many eggs I had for dinner last Monday, if I don't remember it. If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. But often your thoughts change, so what you tell now and think is true may be different from what you tell tomorrow and think is true. It seems to me that the concept of 'true' should be more stable. That's true. Who said that? But sometimes you are confused about the truth, so you choose not to say anything until you understand it better. Sometimes you don't know the truth. However, you can always tell what you think is true.

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