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The best interactive story

Choose Your Own Adventures are sometimes excellent for children. For example, there's one about ninjas meeting supernatural beings called Kami which have beaks like birds and know superpowers. Some people prefer stories that are intensely personal, through responses to their own work; in this sense a creative story is a story that uses the creativity of the user. That's assuming its a video-game type story. Secondary features can be like favorite smells, favorite types of art, favorite subjects, etc. One of the best interactive stories is the Garden of Forking Paths But it does not mean that it cannot be written. Bible is not an interactive story. An interactive story is the one with many possible paths, and Bible book is not structured that way. The Bible is the best interactive story ever. God is reaching down to his children, it is his love later to them, his story of sacrifice, grace and acceptance is not easy to write. The best interactive story Sure I do! What do I need to do? Who wants to be a part of it? You?

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