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Tribal community is the sollution to all of our problems. This icludes pollution, over-population, dissapearing natural resources, etc.

If we can still have all of our modern comforts today, yet live in treehouses in giant trees, that would be awesome.

To be honest, after living in a city all my life, then leaving to train in the military for half a year, then coming back home, I feel there is a lack of space and nature in the city, and I miss the fresh air. The city looks incredible at night with all its lights when I viewed it from the airplane in the sky. At the same time, it appears as if nature was rusted over. Even europeans can find tribal heritage in their family. Im Mercian myself. heres a short list of european tribes: Norwegian, swede, jute, dane, angle, saxon, mercian, alan, schwab, goti, frank, chatti.... and those are only a sample of the germanic tribes. The only tribal group still operating tribally today are the Sami of northern Norway, sweden and Finland. (not related to germanic people) Tribal communities are easier to organize, provide for, are more likely to find a set standard of social codes, are less likely to have criminals, and have higher quality institutions (schools, government). But naturally will continue to fight over territory, and is virtually impossible to achieve in more developed contries (America, uk etc) because of both the Internet and today's generation's value system (clubs/drama/tv) real community? hogwash. Why would anyone want a well paced, peaceful existence with friends an family all around and always having someone to watch your back? Well said. People always think of slowing down and getting out of cities as backwards, but they forget that we have new technologies and they certainly should be used. I bet that is what the Romans said as their empire was collapsing. Not only that people would be more bored, but they would have less time to get bored, because in the past people used to live much shorter due to less developed medicine, mass deseases, rough weather conditions without modern ways to heat homes etc...Tribal community in the sense of socialism might be effective if it is used in a limited way: for example, what I call "micro-socialism" might be effective for future taxations in a mass entertainment oriented platform, where businesses essentially profit by new information, and resource use is seen to be at a minima. Well but now we have technology, medecine and facilities we didn't have before. We don't have to regress. We just need to choose which technologies are respectful enough of their environment and usefull enough without throwing humanity out of the scene. Retrogression to a state of what we once were wouldn't be goof for humanity. Medicine and comfort would lack, as well as our elders firing young and true retirement becoming limited. Not only that, but the thought of travelling would disappear.Nature is the only way to go if you ask me. We are advancing at a rapid pace, and people aren't working for themselves. I depend on stores for food, most people can't work on their own things because they are to high tech for the not as educated. Anymore it seems you have to have a degree in rocket science to figure anything out. Imagine how it used to be fun when the tribe was surounded with wolves, and had to fight them. Now, I have to go to the zoo, and there is no fun. Wolf is just ignoring me, although I would love it to jump on me - that is - on the fence between us!

True. Paying greater attention to natures constraints would lead to increased boredom for many. There would be diminished excitement in many areas -- fewer high intensity hurricanes, decreased likelihood of catastrophic global warming and less stress for those unprepared for resource peaking (most of us -- especially those living in cities). Isn't this a little unrealistic? I mean, more than half of the world population is living in cities! Who wants to go back to the nature? Its boring. No night clubs, etc.To return to nature is to die. This planet is not going to be around forever. To advance mankind, is to allow us to survive in the future. Vertical farming is the solution. It combines best of both worlds - we can continue living in cities while in the same time we don't need to get food from conventional distant farms where the food growth and transportation consumes enormous amount of fossil fuels (and we will run out of those within next few decades). Vertical farming enables us to grow foods in skyscrapers in which we live. It also eliminates need for pesticides which makes it healthier. [1][2]Tribal community is the sollution to all of our problems. This icludes pollution, over-population, dissapearing natural resources, etc. There is no need to go back to tribal lifestyle to prevent pollution or disappearing resources. Other solutions have already been found. The concept of waste = food, and cradle to cradle design solve these problems. [3]Our highly socialized system. You can never return to nature. One day, perhaps our children can. I hope the road that leads to that day doesn't come with too much suffering... but I think we can see already that that will indeed be the case. What prevents me at this very moment from becoming a free self-sufficient man? I would love to go back to being a free self-sufficient man. It's hard for people to grasp onto the important things in life when they are only handed gold-plated shackles.

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