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Sex is great!

Great sex is greater than sex! :P The two can be comparible; Both afterall, have a climax. Or would it be plateau? Sex had lead to Warts and STD diseases so when you do it, please be careful and do it safely else regret for life. Great sex need great experienced partner. One can that kind of partner at London Escorts. [1] Sex is sexy. depends with whom! 100% Agree! I just had the best sex of my life and I feel amazing! Although my bottom is a little sore it's a fanatastic feeling! Since Mount Everest is tallest and therefore greatest mountain, it is greater than a great sex. Sex on the Mount Everest therefore has to be the greatest thing of all!Sex is great! Although essential, emotions involved in consuming food are far inferior to emotions involved in (thinking about and) having sex. Maybe drinking and eating? Those are also essential to have a life. Sure it is! It is the sense of life if you think about it. Every creature lives to obtain the existence of it's species, what else is better than sex to do this?

Hmm... 'better with a real person'! what other kind of sex is there? Of course it is...even better with a real person...we should all try it.
First and second sex sucked. Is there something wrong with me?
Sex can be fuelled by so many different things: passion, lust, romance and desire. Sex improves the immune system and outlook on life. Sex is a self standing good thing to do. But sex with a person you really like goes a lot further, it makes a person feel like a mountain. Absolutely agreed. Sex is an important, very healthy, and natural thing. sex is better than love since i believe in practical life and sex makes you perfect and mature So is a mountain!
Sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.

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