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The whole of Mathematics is beautiful.

The parts are even more so! That formula is pretty much just a definition. Though it's quite popular, it's really just an immediate result of the way complex exponentiation is defined. Now if you could understand why THIS is the way complex exponentiation ought to work rather than in some other way, then some of the beauty will be revealed. This particular formula, with the choices of constants in it, is really nothing special. I like doughnuts with a whole inside better than math. Do you? I like cake. Mathematics is an immensely large field of knowledge, both in breath and depth. Some parts are very fancy and obscure. Other parts are simply beautiful and inspiring. [1][2]The whole of Mathematics is beautiful. It contains the most fundamental constants of mathematics and nature. Pi is a secret to a circle, e is a secret to exponential functions present all around in nature, i is imaginary number which opens a door to fascinating mathematical discoveries, 1 is a basic unit number, and 0 is a magical nothing without which most of mathematics would be impossible. All mathematical formulas are beautiful. Mathematics' beauty lies in it's unwavering truth, a truth that cannot be found anywhere else. But why is this formula beautiful? The most beautiful mathematical formula:

e^(i*Pi) + 1 = 0

Or is there a better one?

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