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I need help figuring all this out.

Whatever you need a help with!

What is quite simple? Do asian guys like mixed girls?

I am mixed with a lot of things, but I look mostly black and white, but some people say latina.

I like all races, but for some reason find asian the most attractive.

So if I've got a chance (cause I know that some asian parents are against dating outside of their race and sometimes it affects the asian guys' preference of girls) how can I attract them? What types of things to they like/look for in a girl? figuring what out? what's the question? it's quite simple actually!I need help figuring all this out.i'm sorry i didn't get what you need help with figuring out.. I would help you if i could? Knowing what is a start, i guess.Is this some sort of trend or something, women are just flocking to Asian men these days. Ugh! Anyway, first thing I would like to say is, you have to stop looking at race and rather start looking at the content of his character. I tend to find that Asian men love submissive and anorexic women, but don't get me wrong, not all of them do. But why change yourself to attract a single group of people. Love yourself and if he doesn't like you for you, then he isn't for you. There are two directions to go. Outward or inward. Outward will require science. Inward will require religion. When you reach the highest figuring out possible from either direction you will reach this conclusion: You are everything and everything is nothing. That's such a generic question. To ask what type of things anyone looks for in a girl is a really vague question. I dont think it's got anything to do with race: it's the 21st century and parents, asian or not, don't generally have prehistoric views on dating. Just chill. Anyone with half a brain would probably prefer a girl who doesn't choose them specifically for their race.
Maybe try loving an individual, not just their genetics. i believe that poo is brown, as ive looked at it through a magifiying glass and it looks brown. ive also tasted many specimines of it, and i believe it tastes very browny. hope this has helped you :)Pick either: Yes, No, Maybe.
If you picked 'No' you're pesimistic
If you picked 'Yes' you're optimistic
If you picked 'Maybe' you're pedantic and indecisive
These are good inlooks on life.. you could base decisions around these statements..

NO I'M JOKING, DONT BE SO GODDAMN GULLABLE, UNREALISTIC AND DONT LET ME MISLEAD YOU. now, that however, is a god concept on life. life's what you want it to be, but god if you don't treat it right, it'll never give you the information & concepts you need . I think it is pretty true. Just like the American guys like Asian females, Asian guys love to get white girls. Not sure the reasons, but I have seen couple of my friends had real issues with their parents when it came to introducing. Although guys were sweet, their parents seems not that open to marry outside their ring.
[1] Asian people in western countries may be more open to inter-racial dating than in Asian people in Asia. Asia is a huge continent with many different peoples and cultures. It would be a good idea to learn about his culture, his religion if he has one, but never EVER try to guess. Guessing someone's ethnicity is by far the worst thing you can do, because you'll get it wrong, and they'll get mad at you. If you are looking for an East-Asian guy(Japanese, Chinese, etc...), it might help to be a little more submissive, as long as you don't let him take advantage of you. I'm not Asian, hope this helps. To help you we need to know what's the problem. Yea, agreed, it's very simple.

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