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Why do men have nipples?

For the same reason that women have clitoris.Why do men have nipples? A male mammals have an X&Y chromosome - females have X&X. To put it shortly, men and women aren't all that different biologically. Men do have breast tissue and mammary glands which can produce milk if enough prolactin is in their hormonal make up - usually a non-pregnant woman has 2x the hormone than a man, but it's not impossible. Breasts & nipples first and foremost serve the purpose of providing milk to young - men have them because women have them. Give it 10000 years, maybe they won't! Because all humans have the same basic template in their DNA (remember men and women have the exact same DNA except the last chromosome). The extra x chromosome women have activates the breasts to create mammary glands. Men absolutely can not "help" breastfeed babies, save horrible hormone therapy that would destroy his body, and contaminate the milk. That is a ludicrous idea. That's why there is baby formula. Jesus faith in humanity -1. Men have nipples and breast tissue too. They can, in the right circumstances, breastfeed their babies. If only men were a little more cooperative it would work as a back up system when mum feels tired, especially when twins come along.

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