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Why do white people tan?

Why do white people tan? As the western society has changed, this idea of having a darker skin is a sign of social status; it means that you have time and money to go to the beach on holidays. This hasn't been always like this; before the industrial revolution, people with paler skin were considered beloging to a superior class of people due to they could stay inside meanwhile their servants, who had dark skin, had to remain outside doing their chores. This was an association people made between hard work & tanned skin People began tanning in the 20's when fashion icon Coco Chanel returned from a Mediterranean Cruise on which she garnered a sun burn that resulted in a gorgeous tan. Following this tan craze womens clothing coincidentally became smaller, shorter skirts even bikinis. That is why we tan. Well because there is a prejudice to every tan. So in order to represent yourself and/or character to the rest of the world you will get a tan to match your personality =D.. Besides, some people think a different tan looks better on them or experience getting more attention from a specific tan in a specific area. It is purely cultural. In china rich people like(d) pale tan, as it was sign they didn't have to do manual labor. In western world dark tan is sign people have money for vacations and good life. With the tan, you are telling others your financial status. Solarium is a cheap way to cheat (and btw, increase a chance of getting skin cancer).white people will say the reason they tan is to look more defined. Historically, the tanned white skin was a sign of poverty seen only in the outdoor working class. Now, it is a sign of perceived wealth. It seems that the person has free time to either bask in the sun, travel, or spend money to buy fake tans. They think it is cool. They think they will be more attractive. They think they may give impression they came from some nice vacation. They don't know how to better spend the money. They like cancer. They don't like sun. They like small closed capsules.

Seriously, I don't know...Some do it to have a healthier-looking complexion rather than looking sickly while being pale. Granted, some white people tan far too much or end up looking orange if they're using tanning lotion or some other stuff. I, myself, would like to have a slightly darker complexion. I'm too pale.

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