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Democracy exists only when people participate.

Abstaining from saying what one thinks leads to dictatorship.
But how can a people who's lives, education, self-determination are all focused upon servicing economy, participate in the institutions of governance. Government has been allowed to become a tool of economy.We live in a land and it's borders above man society; therefore, how a land is governed does not matter. The only priority of government is land and it's borders, not the people. my teacher always say democracy is 60% freedom 40% dictator ship.
i say its more about almost 100% dictator ship but then in a silent way if everyone know what i mean. You are participating by making that choice!! The magic thing isn't voting, the magic thing is political participation that can take any number of different forms and voting then just looks like a particular common and useful first step towards a greater kind of political participation. [1] Is not bothering to vote acceptable?
The only peaceful way for establishment to change is to stop supporting the system, to refuse participating.

Participation doesn't mean much. For example, a soccer game exists if all players participate. That doesn't make it a good soccer game. Participation is only one condition for existence of democracy. The other is that that participation is real, motivated, engaged. Democracy will not simply cease to exist just because one choose not to participate in it. Moreover equality can be described as an illusion but not democracy. Statement said 'people', so it probably meant many, or people in general, or even majority. I don't think that such a global societal phenomena depend on behavior of ALL individual 'elements', but on general trend. In other words, democracy will not vanish if I don't participate. I also shouldn't be forced to participate. If many people choose not to participate, then democracy may be in danger. Question is, why would many people make such a choice. Maybe for a better alternative? It never existed. There's only an illusion of democracy. What if my choice is not to participate? Should I be forced to participate? Will the democracy vanish?Democracy exists only when people participate.

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