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Best books of all time.

that's not true. be nice technologist. but the set of bibles (new and old testaments) are the most intelligent books ever written.The Bible is quite a collection of religious, theatrical stories. The writings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore/The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan open the door to a metaphysical, allegorical understanding of the Bible. Current encyclopedias are wonderful overviews of many topics. Dale Carnegie provides various insights into human nature/human relationships. Every book is made up. C++ is better than your made up book. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful. Holy Quran. try to read it once in your life. you will know you are here. The book from the creators god (allah). [1] Let me think....... I recommend my philosophical book, the 1-Page-Classics. It was published in 2012. The best book is the one that is nothing but truth. It has stories of sacrifice, war, romance, cheating, murder, love, loyalty, faithfulness and hope. The best book I've ever read an continue to read it the Bible By far imo the Bible is the best and most essential book of all time.
Others: Think and Grow Rich. How to win friends and Influence people. The Weight loss cure "They" don't want you to know about. Gary Smalleys books on marriage and relationships.
God doesn't want you to be rich.
Charlotte's Web.The Hobbit.
Books by Charles Dickens.Lord of the Flies.The list goes on and on.
The best book is the one that educates you and improves your life or provides some good wholesome entertainment imo.

The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien Illuminatus! Everything you need from a book. someone needs to put ayn rand on here. not her fiction though as everyone always touts but her nonfiction. Her best books are "Capitalism: the Unknown ideal" or maybe "the virtue of selfishness" What good is a best book of you don't read it? The best book will find you one day and you will read it through. And affect you.What the hell, you're the only person who has experienced YOUR life. If the only books you care about are the ones that have affected YOU, there is no point in asking the public about anything. The book 'Business and polity" by D N Ghosh,published by SAGE Publications Business and Polity explores, through a variety of economic and political formations over the past two and a half millennia, right from the Greco-Roman civilization to present day globalization, the behaviour of two power networks: those who control the levers of political power and those who engage themselves in wealth-generating activities. A Must Read!!![2] Zachary's quest is the best book ever. It's a book about how a transvestite from washington who gets kicked out of school for his faggotry (namely groping other men and wearing dresses) zachary wanders the streets confused until he finds a gay strip club. Zacahry finally finds a job. Having sex with older men. Eventually he fucks a guy who's married and gets in a lot of trouble. He is forced to leave the country because the man is with the mafia. With constant threats of death I really liked it Well, Bible may have changed other people's lives, but it didn't change my. I am interesting in books that changed MY life. Bible was definitely an influential book. However, with the advance of science and its influence is fading, and it is not clear that Bibles will be around few hundred years from now. On the other hand, since will be with us forever. This is why I argue that some scientific books may have made even bigger influence in the historic perspective. Bible(s) changed even more lives, for better of for worse... Not only did it change the way people think, but also has inspired a number of wars, and caused people to die. Then there is inquisition by the church during The Middle Ages. And so on... One book that changed many lives is 'From Dictatorship to Democracy'
by Gene Sharp. Recipes for regime change from that book have been implemented in recent years in many peaceful revolutions around the world. [3]
Pythagoras. He was the first to use a proof in mathematics in discovery of universal applicability of Pythagorean theorem to right triangles. This had immense impact on the way people approached discovery of mathematical knowledge, and development of mathematics influenced development of sciences and technology. The invention of mathematical proof is probably the greatest invention of all time, and its inventor Pythagoras made the greatest impact with it.
Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Go Dog Go. An Alphabet book. Without it, most of humankind would be illiterate. Which one changed my life?
Playboy.don quijote de la manche is an amazing book at the end I cry a little bit I like to read Flashman, that is bar far the best series of books any man could ever hope for! Maybe one does not need to read all the books, but only those recommended, and rated highly by various literary critics. The real problem is finding good books in other languages, that is, good translations of those. What if some great books have not even been translated in your language? Are you going to learn the language? Will you ever master it so well as to be able to comprehend all the subtle messages in the book? Are even most translators able to do that? This is obviously an impossible thing to decide, as no person read even 1 percent of all books. However, of those that you did read, which one was the most amazing? Which one changed you life, or the way you think? Which one would you recommend to a friend that had time to read only one more book in life. Best books of all time.

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