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Survival of the fittest.

It really should be called "survival of the fit enough." While fitness is a major factor in how likely you are to survive and reproduce (since that's the definition), there are uncontrollable events that can happen. this is jesus christ channeling thru someone. this is a key to successful living. if you are not cooperative, no one can survive. the fittest must depend on people whom are less fit. don't forget that. sorry you are incorrect Watch "The Big Lebowski".It depends on how the changes happen. The fittest in the next generation is not necessarily better than the fittest in the previous generation.There is also a potential for evolving in ways that aren't conventionally survival of the fittest, such as we see in the famous story of the Morlocks, or conversely in very advanced non-human species. Some of these qualities might be specializations in reading, or adaptation to some other technology. Did you mean to say "skull cavity" instead of "brain cavity"? A cavity is a hole, so you're referring to a hole in the brain in your statement. Evolution is going on in multicellular organisms while at the same time social evolution is going on between those of them that are social/group organisms.

We humans, during the loast 40,000 years, evolved only thinner leg bones, a slightly smaller brain cavity, lactose tolerance and some disease resitance.

However, our cultural/technological heritage has expanded because of the natural selection between our much expanded groups or societies.[1] Genes are not directly 'visible' to natural selection. Rather, the unit of selection is the phenotype, not the genotype, because it is phenotypes which interact with the environment at the natural selection interface. [2] Survival is driven by cooperation as much as by competition. Nature is full of examples of symbiosis and inter-species cooperation. [3] Is "competition based" evolution mainly driven by a competition between ("selfish") genes whose imperative is to transmit as many copies of themselves as possible and use organisms as "carriers", or is it mainly driven by competition of organisms? Survival of the fittest.

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