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The bamboo supply is running out.

Pandas eat bamboo. Why is that? Well grow more!The bamboo supply is running out.Hydroponic replaces soil with mere nutritious water. Let us not forget that plants do not need soil - soil is just like a 'house'. There are other ways of giving plants nutrients - by using mineral water. This is cleaner, and soil may instead be used to help nature cultivate its OWN crops the natural way, while hydroponic plants would be better for ingestion.

Science is arrogant. Scientists are arrogant. They think that they know enough, and that they are wiser than the nature itself. Before conducting long term experiments they just start messing with the whole environment.

I'm not sure what is hydroponic, but I know that modern ways of agriculture are not sustainable. Although more abundant, food gets less and less nutritious, and this happens within decades!

In some parts of China where traditional farming is still practiced, soil does not get exhausted even after thousands of years. Also, food is much tastier and more nutritious.
I believe people should invest more time in utilizing hydroponic ways of growth, as top soil is exhausting quite rapidly, turning into desert. Eating is not just about nutrients, but also about enjoyments. Thing is though, all they need is the nutrients from the bamboo. Technically, if we injected the necessary nutrients into the panda's bloodstream, then we wouldn't really need to feed them would we? There are only few Pandas left. They don't need much bamboo! Hello. Yeah it's me. We need more bamboo. Thanks. I'll tell them. You too. Bye.

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