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Why do we dream?

We sleep because our body and mind need to rest. We dream because our brain is training us in dreams to react to novel likely or unlikely situations. We also dream to solve the problems we couldn't solve during the day with a new approach that relies less on logic and more on intuition. Why do we dream? Dreams are the rewiring of our subconscious mind to make sense of all the disparate sensory and cognitive experiences of the day. especially if we dream of people or activities we enjoy Some kind of dreams are poetic processes to put the day into a kind of order (memory consolidation/whatever); other dreams appear to be a cluster of scattered thoughts; some dreams are the subconscious mind giving answers to the conscious mind about important subjects.You are wrong. and therefore the world is not always beautiful when we dream. Whenever you enter REM sleep, the brain releases neural discharges of things you perceived during the day but didn’t notice. The memories of these things, which are preserved in neural circuits, have to be fired in order to preserve them. When these circuits are fired from the unconscious mind, they create vivid phantasmagoric amalgamations through association. They may even create subjective meaning for you or calculate a probable future (as in precognitive dreams). I agree with this thought. We dream because brain has to re-arange what it has learned during the day. During sleep the neural synapses make new connections of the things that we have seen or heard. If we do not sleep brain cannot rewire itself, and after some time passes it stops from working because it overloads itself with too much data it cannot store.

Think of this as a ram memory that has to be stored on the HD. After a while your RAM gets filled and the computer will crash. In the case of humans we die. The unconscious part of us communicates with us through dreams. it is what our conscious brain cannot handle but needs to know which is why dreams are so cryptic. I think some dreams are trying to communicate something to us concerning the future eg. in the Bible Josephs dream about Jesus & in the old testament King Nebuchadnezzar's of Babylons dream about the 4 kingdoms in the book of Daniel, or the Old Testament Josephs dream before he was taken to Egypt etc...However i also believe many dreams are meaningless as this is what i experience a lot. ECCLESIASTES 5.7: Much dreaming and many words are meaningless. Therefore stand in awe of God.

I think dreaming is psychologically linked to aspects such as events in your day, media, stress/pressure etc. things that play on your mind, for example a scary movie. it has to be, imagine a mindless person, whom nothing happened to except they just sat in a dark room. they couldnt dream about what happened in their day but they could dream about what they desire, as its what their day consists of thinking about. so even if your day is boring, it is still somewhat psychologically linked to it We can, or we must? Is it our choice to dream? I don't think so. Because we can.But nightmares are ugly, especially when we dream nightmares. The world is beautiful when we dream Many discoveries are based on accidental insights, not logic. There is no fundamental difference between what we call reality and what we call dreams. So ask also what reality is. Dreams are the leftovers of the wasted time and energies of our life, in my opinion. Whenever I dream I always think back to the things that I miss or the things I wish I could change because I did something wrong there at the time. It seems like my dreams are in reverse trying to fix the things that lead up to the current me, but they are all attempts in futility because it will never change.We dream because the human mind needs a break from facing reality everyday. They are like unexpected breaks from reality.Dreams are about the mental/spiritual(?) capabilities of or minds. They allow the mind to think without the distractions of our eyes and what we have been taut or told to believe about the world around us. In dreams, anything is possible regardless whether you think it is or not.Freud may have said that our dreams attempt to resolve the conflict between our "id" and superego. I on the other hand prefer to think that we evolved it for survivals sake. If an early hominid took part in every day survival techniques such as hunting and gathering, dreams may have been a means to teach and better the organism at a specific task. This would increase success rates and productivity of the tribe as a whole. while we are sleeping our brain still remains functioning our mind are much activated at a pin point agenda or activities of our daily life that while at a time of rest it tries to recall this which simply came as a dreamA psychiatrist was giving a seminar and asked his audience who among them had had a psychotic episode during the previous 24 hours. Only two people raised their hand. "I will show you that all of you have been briefly psychotic in the past 24 hours. You all have fallen asleep and dreamt, have seen unreal things and believed they where real. And later on you couldn't remember a thing."

Hmm. But maybe it doesn't take more than few seconds to make a 'dream induced discovery'.

Also, isn't it *logical* to think about bed and relaxation if you are tired? Or should you dream about doing some construction work? When we are awake and tired, we also think about having some rest...interesting statement...
neurologist says that are brain activity is very high during the night especialy during the dreaming .. some scientist had satetemat that the longest dream duration is less than 3-4.5 sec... can you imagine this...
but for inner logic in our dreams are not a priori satetment... for example when you are tired in state of stress or very hungry your dreams are connect with that status ... you dream only about good and worm bed or relaxation or taste mill etc
For me, better question is not why we dream ... why we have dream similar like some interesting shot story full of symbols unsatisfied wishes ... Is there possibility that are brain has his own logic and geniality to make that or the symbols are necessary with growth of civilization... Freud called that like manifestation part of our dream ... looks like one page of newspaper combined of 20 other pages combined to confuse are conscious statements... Why would brain ignore logic in dreams. Many scientists say discoveries happened to them during sleep. Weren't those discoveries based on logic?

We dream because dreams make us happy. For me, better question is not why we dream ... why we have dream similar like some interesting shot story full of symbols unsatisfied wishes ... Is there possibility that are brain has his own logic and geniality to make that or the symbols are necessary with growth of civilisation...
Freud called that like manifest prat of are dream ... looks like one page of newspaper combined of 20 other pages combined to confuse are conchies statements... Because dreams makes us happy!

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